Readymade Garment Manufacturing – An Overview

Part – 1

When we shop for clothes in the local market or in malls, we can find clothing stores everywhere. The stores are filled with thousands of garments with a wide variety of product categories and designs. Ready-made garments are made in textile factories in different parts of our country. Even many finished garments are imported from other countries like China and Bangladesh. Most branded clothing is made in an industrial production environment. Have you ever wondered how these garments are made?

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Bangladesh Readymade Garments Jeans Pants

Let me share the steps and explain how our garments are made in factories. The industrial production system is followed in the manufacture of ready-made clothing. I will show you all the processes involved in the industrial manufacture of ready-made clothing from the time the fabrics are sourced in the factory to the point when garments are shipped to retailers.


Garment sampling and product development

Sampling is used to create the prototype of the final garment. A designer first makes the garment design on paper. In the development phase, the design concept is transformed into the garment with the help of fabrics and decorations. Brands invest a lot of time and resources in product development. They also work on fabric development if they want to use a new type of fabric in their designs. Different types of samples are made for different purposes. Factory-made samples may include prototypes, size set samples, seller samples and pre-production samples, and so on. Garments, measurements, construction and raw materials are checked at multiple levels to ensure brands get the product they want in mass production. They design their own product for local brands and have them manufactured. A trial run with 50-100 construction pieces is carried out before mass production.

Bangladesh Readymade Garments Ladies Jeans Pants
Bangladesh Readymade Garments Ladies Jeans Pants

Garment pattern making

When we buy ready-made clothing, we choose the one that better fits our body. A garment is made by joining various garment components together. Like a shirt, it has parts such as a collar, cuff, sleeves, front panels, back panel, back yoke and front button placket. Do you know that a full sleeve shirt is made up of more than 20 different components? All garment components are cut from the panel. In order to get a correct fit of the garment, all garments are cut according to the specific dimensions (measurements). For that, we need clothing samples. Factories create clothing samples both manually and using CAD software. With the CAD system, sample creation and sample evaluation are carried out efficiently. A trained master craftsman (technical person) is used to produce samples.


Readymade Garment Manufacturing

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