Readymade Garment Manufacturing – An Overview

Part – 3

Finishing of stitched garments-Alamin-fashionwearexport

Finishing of stitched garments

A stitched garment comes with a lot of loose threads, long thread tails, numbering stickers, various kinds of stitching defects, raw material defects and handling defects. In the finishing section thread trimming, sticker removing, and spot removing is done. All garments are thoroughly checked to ensure product quality. Measurements of the garment are checked to ensure that garment specifications are strictly followed by the factory and the correct size label is stitched to each garment. All defective garments are repaired. Garments are pressed using steam iron to remove creases and wrinkles. After finishing, garments get a new and fresh look.


Garment folding and packing

Garment folding and packing- AlaminFashionwear

Nicely pressed garments are folded in a specific dimension. All garment accessories and tags like hang tags and price tags are attached to each garment. Folded garments are then packed into poly bags. Packing is done for individual garments or multiple garments are packed into a polybag. Barcode stickers are attached to the price tags. Then garments are packed into a bigger carton.


Garment Inspection and quality assurance:


We have learned that garments are checked at the stitching and finishing stages. At this stage finished and folded garments are audited for quality assurance of the products. The factory follows a certain quality standard, and inspection procedures to audit the packed garments.


Let’s take the example of an export order. In export orders, packed cartons are audited internally prior to handing over shipment to buyer quality inspection representative for final shipment inspection. The buyer representative inspects shipment using certain AQL standards. AQL means an Acceptable Quality Level. Auditor prepares the shipment inspection report. Based on the inspection result auditor (inspector) decides whether to pass or fail the shipment. Passed shipment is sent to the dispatch section. In case shipment failed, garments are rechecked and repaired.


Shipment delivery


Passed shipments are sent to buyers/retailers. For domestic order finished garments are sent to retailers’ warehouse or directly to the distribution centers. Thus our favorite clothes reach retails stores.


It is a long journey of garments before they are put on display in a store. Since raw material purchases to reaching to retail shop may take 30-100 days.


This was an overview of readymade garment manufacturing. What you have just read is the primary process of garment making. In between these processes, there are many other processes involved depending on the product designs. Every brand follows a different set of procedures to manufacture their designs. Also, each product type demands a different set of processes, material handling and finishing. The same product can be made with a different set of machines and equipment. Every process and all variations of the same process can’t be covered in a single article. Keep reading more books and articles on readymade garment manufacturing to learn more.


Readymade Garment Manufacturing

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