Bangladesh Textile and Garment Industry

Bangladesh Garment Industry is the single source of growth for the Bangladesh Economy. Exports of Garments generate the maximum Foreign Exchange Earnings. Bangladesh Textile Industry is growing at a very rapid speed for more than the decade. Most of the big business houses and groups have their Garments Factory and they are operating in Bangladesh Garment Industry or Bangladesh Textile Industry.

More than 3/4th of Total Merchandise exports of Bangladesh are from Textiles, Clothing and Readymade Garments. Bangladesh is the next hot spot after China for the Readymade Garments. Almost all the Big International Brands including US, Europe, and Asian Brands have outsourced their production for Readymade Garments to Bangladesh Garments Factory.

Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) is a recognized trade body that represents export-oriented garment manufacturers and garment exporters of the country. The fundamental objective of BGMEA is to establish a healthy business environment for a close and mutually beneficial relationship between manufacturers, exporters and importers, thereby ensuring steady growth in the foreign exchange earnings of the country.


Ready-Made Garments Bangladesh

Bangladesh Garment Industry and Bangladesh Textile Industry have Thousands of Compliance as well as non- compliance garment factory. Big garment factory has state of the art manufacturing facilities, a good working environment for the workers, the best goods transportation facilities and an experienced quality review team. Year on Year the number of garment factories is getting increased because of rapid growth in Bangladesh Garment Industry and Bangladesh Textile Industry. It will not be a surprise if in the coming years Bangladesh will overtake China for Readymade Garments and Bangladesh becomes world Leader in the Readymade Garments and Textile Industry.

The Government of Bangladesh has announced so many benefits in the past few years to the Exporters that they are able to provide the best and competitive rates to International buyers. There is an uncountable buying house also which works between the Garment factory and international buyers. These buying houses playing the key role of Production support partner and also ensure the timely execution of the orders without compromising the quality of the products.

Ready-Made Garments Bangladesh
Ready-Made Garments Bangladesh

Alamin Fashion is one of the key Production Support Partners as well as the Buying House established in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Alamin Fashion has tie-ups with various Compliance as well as non- compliance garment factory. Alamin Fashion Wear Export has marked its presence in Bangladesh Garment Industry through its commitment to provide the best services to its International Buyers. In Attire Source we believe in ART…. Accountability, Reliability and Tech- Savvy.

Alamin Fashion Wear has been amongst the reputed companies in Bangladesh and supplies uniform, suits and shirts for the corporate profile.

Having a good team and a good hold on the production partner. Our uniforms manufacturer which is used in corporate standards prescribed by Alamin Fashion Wear Export in Bangladesh.

We are started for school Uniform, Corporate Water and industrial wear. To ensure customer satisfaction in terms of quality and services and grow our client with good ethical practice and optimum services.

Alamin Fashion Wear Export as a company motto itself gives quality assurance as Quality only fist in corporate uniform, with garments factory in Bangladesh

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